Privileged Play - Where the public golfer belongs.

Privileged Play is a golf membership program that lets you save at over 100 exceptional courses across Canada and the U.S. & enjoy other member perks!

With a Privileged Play Golf membership you will now enjoy:

  • A 20% savings on regular posted green & cart fees at all of our participating courses (over 100!)
  • ONE 2-for-1 certificateredeemable at a participating Canadian course 
  • ONE 4-for-3 certificateredeemable at a participating Canadian course 
  • 2-for-1 pricing on PrivPlay Days - available at participating Canadian courses
  • Advance tee time booking privileges - up to 3 days ahead of the general public

Benefits vary by Canadian course - click here to see a list of benefits available by course. Click here for full details on the membership. 

* valid any time on weekdays, after noon on weekends and holidays.

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See the PrivPlay Benefits by course for 2015!

Pacific Links International acquires Privileged Play!

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